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Singer/Songwriter/Actor/Artist is the official website of Joseph James and features his singing, songwriting, acting and modeling. Destiny Path Of Life features Joseph's blog, music, books and art.


COMING 10.01.17 - Now In Pre-Press!

Islands In The Sea: City On A Hill! - Book IV

Just in time to order for Christmas!

Now Available - Islands In The Sea: City On A Hill! - Book 4 - by Joseph James

Islands In The Sea: City On A Hill! - Book IV Joseph has finished writing Book 4 of the "Islands In The Sea" SAGA and the book is in Pre-Press. Like his Facebook page, add him to your circles on Google+, follow him on twitter, subscribe to his blog, check out his Amazon Author’s Central Page and/or keep up with the reviews and discussions on Amazon’s Shelfari.

Saga Now Available in Print & Kindle! Get your copies today and order as Christmas gifts. Share the adventure and suspense with others. The Islands In The Sea Saga is a romantic, prophetic, mystery, thriller type novel that interacts with the supernatural. To see more details about each book and read a sample chapter, click on the link below.

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Success ~ Failure

“My success or failure is not measured in dollars and cents nor by the company I keep, but rather by the path I choose to walk.” Joseph James

Destiny Path Of Life is a segment of our main ministry, Shaft Of Light. DPOL was created to showcase Joseph’s books, artwork, designs, poems, gifts and blog. The proceeds from these gifts help us to minister to those in need.

Our Purpose

DESTINY - is a keyword in the Lord's Kingdom. We all have one prepared for us by our loving Heavenly Father. Joseph James’ desire is to help all he can to find their God-given destiny and pursue it. The enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy our hopes, but encouragement and truth are the main weapons to help people realize who they are in Him and to help them overcome.

GameChangers Productions

GameChangers Productions Info

We have started a new production company called GameChangers Universal. Through this company we will be giving back to our communities by creating productions that will bring encouragement to those around us to help them follow their dreams. Too many dreams have died and depression and suicide has gripped so many. It's time to change the game.

For more information on GameChangers Productions and the "Follow Your Dreams - Tour 2016!" download the card and/or download the vision information packet. Please use our contact form to contact us as well as the contact info on the downloads.

Artwork by Joseph James

Art Prints & Wallpapers
Art Prints by Joseph James via Destiny Path Of Life web site

Joseph has designed some art prints and wallpapers to help encourage people as they walk their path in life. Currently there are fifteen available on 12 x 18 inch prints on a sparkling 81# text metallic paper. View Art Prints…


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