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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

This Love

This Love! What is this love? How do we find it? When we’re going through things that are tearing our hearts apart, how do we find this love? Broken hearts… Broken relationships… Broken dreams… Hopelessness… I was at that place more times than I want to count and then in 1991 in the depths of despair something changed. I saw something and then what I felt was beyond comprehension. THIS LOVE!
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Winter’s Over

I was awakened around two this morning and immediately I was in the Lord’s presence. A family graced us with the privilege to stay at their cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia for about a week. There has been a lot of peace and quiet all around us since we arrived, but this morning was different. I’ve been in the presence of the Lord many times, but this time was strangely unique. I was in a different place, one that I hadn’t seen before and I was in awe and trembling inside my soul. It’s like I was so aware of the difference between my physical body and my soul. This was really different. The following is what I wrote during the night and then more on what I am seeing. WINTER’S OVER… Read the rest of this entry »

Islands In The Sea: Illegitimate – Writing Begins

I just started writing the third sequel in the “Islands In The Sea” romantic, prophetic novel series. I was thinking that book three, “A City On A Hill” was going to be the last book in the series, but the Lord surprised me when He added this one, “Illegitimate”, instead. This series has been a blast to write so far, because He has given me all of the words from start to finish. I didn’t have to plan out the book, I just had to start typing. It was just like reading a book and watching it unfold, except that I was the one doing the typing. Sometimes the words would come faster than I could type and I am fast at typing. Illegitimate… Read the rest of this entry »

Living Your Dream

So when does one begin to live their dream? Does it begin the moment one begins to see it and get the revelation of it, or does it begin when it manifests in the natural? In my opinion, a dream begins at the moment of conception, just like a woman becoming pregnant. At that moment, when the word, revelation, or vision is dropped into our soul, we have the choice to receive it and nurture it to fruition or reject it and abort it. There is an incubation period and depending on what we do during this time, determines if the dream/baby lives or dies. There can be a miscarriage and the whole process can begin again or it can be lost forever, broken dreams. I personally believe we start living our dream the moment it is revealed to us. LIVING YOUR DREAM! Read the rest of this entry »

Standing In The Gap

Standing In The Gap has taken on a whole new meaning recently. Last night, while in worship I saw a vision that gave me better understanding. I’ve read some scriptures for years, but in an instant the Lord can give a clear understanding. Standing in the gap means to stand in the gap. There is a hole or void which has caused a separation. A vivid picture in the natural would be two river banks. In this case, a bridge would span the gap so that people can cross back and forth. In the spirit realm it is much deeper than this. STANDING IN THE GAP! Read the rest of this entry »