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The UNCOVERING in our nation continues to speed up. If it’s just a man’s thing, it will fizzle and fade, if however, it’s by the hand of God, watch out. It matters what we say, share and do. The uncovering in the gov’t is getting deeper and deeper, the depths of corruption. By the hand of God!

What the wicked/evil don’t understand in the previous few years, when the Church was going through a deep time of uncovering and cleansing, and still is, is that they were going to be next. Instead they laughed and mocked. The cleansing comes first to the Church and then out from there. There are those, who have cleansed their hearts before the Lord, humbled themselves and He is exalting them for greater things. Some are just getting into that process, humbling themselves before the Lord. It’s not too late to change course.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver, CO | Joseph James | Follow Your Dreams Tour

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Close The Doors To Evil

So many people want to ignore the evil all around and think if they just pretend they don’t see it, it will go away. It won’t. It will actually come closer until it destroys them. Evil doesn’t operate by any laws or rules. It is encompassed in chaos, confusion and blind fury. Justice operates within it’s origin, Love. You see, God is Love. God is Just. He will bring peace and justice to this earth. Evil will try to bring death and destruction. CLOSE THE DOORS TO EVIL Read the rest of this entry »

At A Table For Two

The opportunity arrives and we rush to seize the moment, a romantic date with a special person. The time to meet finally greets us on the clock so rush out the door to meet, our heart pounding with excitement. It is a special dinner at a fancy restaurant with a view of the ocean. We sit down and wait for that special someone to arrive, but the time ticks slowly by… Are they coming? The anticipation grows with each passing moment. Perhaps they have a special reason. AT A TABLE FOR TWO!

I wrote AT A TABLE FOR TWO in 1993 and now was the time to release it. What happens when delay sets into our dreams? Do we give up? Do we still believe? Do we walk away? Or do we wait until we know the truth? I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be performing it live next summer in Orlando at the AMTC SHINE event.


Joseph James

The Tithe – The Law Or Not

I have spent years wanting to know the truth about the tithe, and interestingly enough, depending on which church/fellowship group you meet, they all believe differently. But that’s not good enough for me, because I want to know the truth in my heart so that I can be at peace in it. I am writing this not to dissuade anyone in what they believe, but rather to just point out a few things to help them along their journey. I’ve already made my choice, I am at peace about it and new doors have and are opening before us. The Tithe – The Law Or Not! Read the rest of this entry »

THE CLOWN song by Joseph James

I wrote this song as I was dealing with some things in my life. Some of the people around me were not real. They were wearing masks and pretending to be really loving Christians, but they were just going through the motions obeying a bunch of religious rules. By the time I finished writing the song, I realized that the same could be said for me. Clowns are very interesting characters and can teach us a lot. It is when we truly take off our masks that we truly, really begin to live free. I hope you enjoy the song. THE CLOWNRead the rest of this entry »

DESTINY song by Joseph James

Do we ever stop and think about where we are going in our life? Where is that place, that goal, that finish line? Is it going to be all that we hope it is, or do we even know for sure? Are we just ambling along in life with no sense of direction? I wrote this song to address some things in my life and to share what I’ve found. DESTINY… Read the rest of this entry »

Life In The Fast Lane

The Eagles wrote a song called “Life In The Fast Lane” in the 70’s. I believe the next line went like this. “Slowly makes you lose your mind.” There are a lot of songs out there with the correct observations and they also ask the right questions. It’s what helps us to identify with others and helps us not feel so alone. The only problem with a lot of these songs is that they don’t give us any answers. I remember the songs and I used to like listening to them and also dancing to them. I just got caught up in the emotions around me as did everyone else and just hoped for a better day. This is simply how it is for a lot of people. You do what you can to make it through another day and you hope that the weekend will have some fun and good times to make up for all we put up with during the week. Life In The Fast Lane. Read the rest of this entry »

Life In The Spirit

Life in the Spirit or life in the flesh, we all have a choice to make everyday. It is similar to the glass half empty or half full illustration I used in a previous post. Life in the Spirit is a great place to walk every day, but how does one get there. Does it happen overnight? How can I attain it? Life in the Spirit! Read the rest of this entry »

God Loves You

As I was asking Father what to write today, this is what He said. “Tell them I love them. It doesn’t matter what they have done or haven’t done in their lives, I love them. I want them to come to me and be healed, saved and delivered from all the things that are oppressing them. If they would only believe and trust in Me, I will bring them close to Me and become their friend and Father. I will show them things they can’t even imagine and I will help them find their purpose and destiny. After all, I am their Creator, I know what each one needs. I know their name, I’ve seen their tears, and I’ve heard their cries, if only they would come to Me.” God Loves You! Read the rest of this entry »

Victim Mentality

What is victim mentality? I use this term to describe a victim of some traumatic event where being a victim becomes a way of life or habitual. This person believes that others owe them and cease to do things for themselves that could help them achieve victory. Once a person is caught in its web, how do they get out? How can we become an overcomer? How can we get healed and move on with our life? VICTIM MENTALITY! Read the rest of this entry »

Fear Driven Or Love Led

Do we react to most things we see and make choices based on the fear that touches our heart? Like the bombs that went off at the Boston Marathon yesterday, how does it change our life? It is absolutely necessary to look at the situation and try to determine what changes we need to make, if any, but the choice that comes next is of utmost importance as it will either imprison us in a smaller place or set us free to rise above it. FEAR DRIVEN OR LOVE LED… Read the rest of this entry »

No Honor Among Thieves

We all know who thieves are, right? What about when it comes to the Lord’s kingdom? Who are the thieves? Who was Judas really? Who are the hired guns? No Honor Among Thieves! Read the rest of this entry »

Dangerous Distractions

The big D’s can shipwreck a successful journey and life. If the enemy can’t get us to quit, his next step is to distract us. There are so many things to do now-a-days. There are so many programs to become involved. A lot of these are even good. In discussing distractions though, it isn’t about good, rather we need to focus on what it best. DANGEROUS DISTRACTIONS! Read the rest of this entry »

Pioneers In Our Generation

Our trip from Texas to Colorado last week was a long one indeed, 1250 miles, but I couldn’t help but think of what it would have been like a hundred or more years ago to go this route. It took single individuals sometimes years to blaze these trails and over the years some of these trails have become highways and expressways. We can travel at legal speeds of around 75+ mph where they walked and scouted for months and years. Read the rest of this entry »


What are excuses? Webster’s defines excuses as “Attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.” Why can’t we simply say, “I just didn’t want to do it,” when it applies. Someone may ask us to do something we don’t want to do and we agree because we don’t want to tell them “no” and risk them being disappointed or upset with us. Then we offer up an excuse when we don’t do it. EXCUSES… Read the rest of this entry »

Follow My Lead

Follow my lead, they say, but where are they going? Who are our heroes and mentors? Are they actors or real people? Do they have a real relationship with the Lord or do they have charisma? Where are they going? FOLLOW MY LEAD… Read the rest of this entry »

My Enemy

Who is my enemy? Is it the person next to me? Is it a corrupt government? Is it a terrorist? Who is our enemy? MY ENEMY Read the rest of this entry »

Is It Me?

One of the things Jesus dealt with during His earthly ministry was the spiritual realm. So what does that have to do with me? Everything, and also it has to do with those around us. Jesus could see in the spiritual realm. He knew when He was speaking to the person or when a demonic spirit was speaking through the person to Him. The disciples also knew. There are a lot of Christians who are familiar with this too as well as a lot of others. What about you? IS IT ME… Read the rest of this entry »

Laugh At Yourself

Do you take yourself too seriously? Do you have to be right in everything you do? Are you stressed all the time? Are you at rest in who you are? Is life passing you by and you feel like you are on the sidelines? Laugh! Scripture says that the Lord sits in heaven and laughs at our enemies. What does this have to do with you? Everything! LAUGH AT YOURSELF… Read the rest of this entry »


Reality? Whose Reality? What does it have to do with me? Everything! This word really gets my attention and even more so here lately. We hear all kinds of stories on the news everyday and we know that they can’t all be true. I understand that there are those who promote lies to further their own cause, but for the sake of this post I am not including these. REALITY… Read the rest of this entry »

Armor of God

There is a lot of talk and discussion of putting on the armor of God. I will try to explain this in a more simplistic way. There are a lot of people who say you must put on this armor of God daily, however, scripture does not say this. Once you have it on, don’t take it off. Be clothed in Christ which is the armor of God. Ephesians 6:(10-18) Read the rest of this entry »

Winning Our Prize

What is the prize we are running towards? Is it the one we were destined to win? In a long race, there are markers along the way letting the runners know how far they are along in the race. But what if we think the prize is only as far as one of the markers? Will we miss getting our prize? What if someone convinces us that our race is only a half mile, when in truth our prize is at the one mile marker? If we run the fullness of our days on earth and only get half way to what we could have done, how sad! How can we know? WINNING OUR PRIZE! Read the rest of this entry »

Heaven’s Stage

My wife and I walked into Great Grace International Christian Center this morning, both of us were very tired. Not only had it been a long week, but an intense year of climbing what seemed to be an insurmountable mountain in the spirit realm. Sasha and the worship team began the first song and I was immediately caught up into a vision that seemed to last for quite a while. It was a behind-the-scenes look at Heaven’s Stage and it was huge. There was this vast room before me with the Ancient of Days on His throne in the middle… HEAVEN’S STAGE! Read the rest of this entry »

Standing Righteous Before The Lord

How does one stand righteous before the Lord? A lot of religions and some religious circles equate righteousness with works. It’s not and couldn’t be further from the truth. Righteousness is a state of being, an eternal state, and not some roller coaster ride based on our actions and abilities by any means. STANDING RIGHTEOUS BEFORE THE LORD! Read the rest of this entry »

Hearing God’s Voice Clearly

Why can’t we hear God’s voice and see what He is trying to show us? Have you ever been to a city like Denver, Colorado? You walk around downtown in the midst of all the tall buildings and then all of a sudden you realize you can’t see the magnificent mountains so close by. Why? The buildings are in the way, duh! You know the mountains are there, so therefore, the mountains are not the problem. Hearing God’s Voice Clearly! Read the rest of this entry »

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