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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

Captain Jack’s Compass

I like to watch movies, especially those with hidden meanings. Some of them remind me of the old jesters in the king’s courts. The jesters had to be careful how they portrayed things in front of the king so as not to lose their head, and yet portray a truth to the audience and king. The movie, Pirates Of The Caribbean does the same thing. One of the parts I like is the way Captain Jack’s compass works or doesn’t work according to some. CAPTAIN JACK’S COMPASS Read the rest of this entry »

Business & Ministry

Business and ministry together, what a thought. But I’ve always heard that business is business and you can’t run a business and ministry together. Why not? Why is business allowed to deal according to the standards of the world system and not the standards of scripture? Why must one keep ministry out of business? It’s because of the lies of the enemy. BUSINESS & MINISTRY… Read the rest of this entry »