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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life


The UNCOVERING in our nation continues to speed up. If it’s just a man’s thing, it will fizzle and fade, if however, it’s by the hand of God, watch out. It matters what we say, share and do. The uncovering in the gov’t is getting deeper and deeper, the depths of corruption. By the hand of God!

What the wicked/evil don’t understand in the previous few years, when the Church was going through a deep time of uncovering and cleansing, and still is, is that they were going to be next. Instead they laughed and mocked. The cleansing comes first to the Church and then out from there. There are those, who have cleansed their hearts before the Lord, humbled themselves and He is exalting them for greater things. Some are just getting into that process, humbling themselves before the Lord. It’s not too late to change course.

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Captain Jack’s Compass

I like to watch movies, especially those with hidden meanings. Some of them remind me of the old jesters in the king’s courts. The jesters had to be careful how they portrayed things in front of the king so as not to lose their head, and yet portray a truth to the audience and king. The movie, Pirates Of The Caribbean does the same thing. One of the parts I like is the way Captain Jack’s compass works or doesn’t work according to some. CAPTAIN JACK’S COMPASS Read the rest of this entry »

Born-Again For Greatness

If we do not believe we are destined for greatness, that our dreams and visions are real and then rise to the challenge to run our race with determination to win, then we are destined to not even begin our race or not finish it in victory. There are many things, forces, and opinions that will try to keep us from succeeding, but what are we going to do? Choices! BORN-AGAIN FOR GREATNESS… Read the rest of this entry »

Two Souls In Heaven

Last evening I was surfing on the internet some and I received an email from a Senator about the abortion law. I checked it out and thought it was great what they are in the process of doing. A little while later, I started seeing a story form in my mind, so I started typing it out. It was about two souls in heaven waiting to come down to earth and be born. Then I shared it with my facebook friends and this morning I am sharing it with you. Two Souls In Heaven… Read the rest of this entry »

THERE IS HOPE song by Joseph James

I wrote this song as the theme song for our JOURNEY TO HOPE! Tour. It speaks about the hope that we have and the things the Lord has written on our books in heaven about our purpose and destiny from Psalm 139. We need to find out the good plans He has for us and stop listening to the voice of our enemy. The Lord is for us and He has a wonderful plan and purpose for our lives. THERE IS HOPERead the rest of this entry »

DESTINY song by Joseph James

Do we ever stop and think about where we are going in our life? Where is that place, that goal, that finish line? Is it going to be all that we hope it is, or do we even know for sure? Are we just ambling along in life with no sense of direction? I wrote this song to address some things in my life and to share what I’ve found. DESTINY… Read the rest of this entry »

CROSSROADS song by Joseph James

Every once in a while we come to a crossroads in our lives where choices have to be made. Which choice is the best? Which one do we choose though? Do we go the easy way or do we make the difficult decision? As I was writing this song, the Lord gave me an incredible revelation in the midst of it. We’ve been living that way ever since as it has changed our perception of the storms that come our way. A short mp3 music clip is below the lyrics. Crossroads… Read the rest of this entry »

Future Uncertainty

What is going on in the world right now? Does anyone seem to know what to do next? I see many t-shirts and bumper stickers with the label “No Fear,” but this isn’t what I am seeing. People everywhere are fearful about what to do next. Some have lost their jobs and wonder how they are going to feed their families. Some are wondering how to survive with their present job or business. Tumultuous times and catastrophic events are here and predicted to get worse. What do we do? Who do we turn to for help? Future Uncertainty! Read the rest of this entry »

Wars Of The Flesh

Do you ever struggle with the desires of the flesh? You know you want to walk the right way, but the fleshly desires of your humanness are loud and screaming inside to be satisfied. What do you do? How do you overcome? What do you do when you are in the heat of the moment and give in? What do you do afterwards? This struggle, this war within and without never ceases to end. How do we get the victory? How do we overcome? Wars of the Flesh! Read the rest of this entry »

Passion & Purpose

What is passion and purpose? Where does it come from and how can we use it to get us closer to our destiny? How can we grab on to our destiny and still be led by Holy Spirit? Are we driven by our compassion and purpose or His compassion and purpose? Sometimes we can do the right things and still be wrong, usually because of the motive of our heart. We can even speak the truth in certain situations and still be wrong because the timing was wrong. The walk of faith takes obedience rather than sacrifice. Passion & Purpose! Read the rest of this entry »

Fear Driven Or Love Led

Do we react to most things we see and make choices based on the fear that touches our heart? Like the bombs that went off at the Boston Marathon yesterday, how does it change our life? It is absolutely necessary to look at the situation and try to determine what changes we need to make, if any, but the choice that comes next is of utmost importance as it will either imprison us in a smaller place or set us free to rise above it. FEAR DRIVEN OR LOVE LED… Read the rest of this entry »

No Honor Among Thieves

We all know who thieves are, right? What about when it comes to the Lord’s kingdom? Who are the thieves? Who was Judas really? Who are the hired guns? No Honor Among Thieves! Read the rest of this entry »

Courage To Succeed

In each country there are problems. The scenery is different, but people are still people. Each of our problems are unique and strangely similar to others. In desiring to live a good life we all struggle with opposing forces around us. Some live in the midst of war and battle while others live safe and secure. Each have their own problems to face. What will we do? How will we overcome? COURAGE TO SUCCEED… Read the rest of this entry »

House On Sand

What kind of house are we building? Where are we building it? We wouldn’t just build it anywhere, right? Have we considered our spiritual house? How are we building it? What kind is it? What kind of foundation does it have? Since our spiritual house will last for eternity, surely we are giving it more thought and preparation, aren’t we? HOUSE ON SAND… Read the rest of this entry »

Answers – Part 2

Part 2 – Now that we have decided to do something about it, what do we do? For some of us this has been going on for years and that little flower is under a mess of stuff and those walls are like the great wall of China, however, there is hope. This is a good place to be. We have the chance to start over again. ANSWERS – PART 2 Read the rest of this entry »

Standing In The Gap

Standing In The Gap has taken on a whole new meaning recently. Last night, while in worship I saw a vision that gave me better understanding. I’ve read some scriptures for years, but in an instant the Lord can give a clear understanding. Standing in the gap means to stand in the gap. There is a hole or void which has caused a separation. A vivid picture in the natural would be two river banks. In this case, a bridge would span the gap so that people can cross back and forth. In the spirit realm it is much deeper than this. STANDING IN THE GAP! Read the rest of this entry »

Finding Your Way

We talk to many people who don’t know what their purpose is in life. They are asking but not finding. Many are searching in the wrong places while others are holding on to opinions and traditions that will keep them blind to the path that was created specifically for them. How do we know the truth? What is really out there for us? Who can help? FINDING YOUR WAY! Read the rest of this entry »

Shock & Awe

The term Shock & Awe is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power, dominant battlefield awareness, dominant maneuvers, and spectacular displays of force to paralyze an adversary’s perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight, according to Wikipedia. I believe there is a greater Shock & Awe and it is literally out of this world. It is coming soon to some and is years away from others. What is it? SHOCK & AWE! Read the rest of this entry »

Life Or Theory

Have you ever heard someone speaking their theories to an audience and you just knew they didn’t know what they were saying? You might have thought, “Where did they get that? What planet are they from?” That’s the way it is with some preachers of the Bible. They stand up in a pulpit, after going to some theological school or something, and preach from head knowledge, yet they have never met the author of the book, nor experienced any of it. They are puffed up in their pride and arrogance. They are the blind leading the blind. True Christianity comes from living the scriptures through His life and not through our own strength and mind. LIFE OR THEORY! Read the rest of this entry »

Bible – History Or Life

The Bible is a book of history for some people; to others it is a story book; to still others it is a book of law, tradition and religious duties; and yet to some it is life. How can anyone truly interpret it correctly without communing with the One who wrote it in the first place? The last is the easiest one, all you have to do is ask and He will gladly walk with you and show you things you’ve never seen. 1 John 2:27. What a journey! Always an adventure and full of life! Bible – History Or Life? Read the rest of this entry »