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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

Close The Doors To Evil

So many people want to ignore the evil all around and think if they just pretend they don’t see it, it will go away. It won’t. It will actually come closer until it destroys them. Evil doesn’t operate by any laws or rules. It is encompassed in chaos, confusion and blind fury. Justice operates within it’s origin, Love. You see, God is Love. God is Just. He will bring peace and justice to this earth. Evil will try to bring death and destruction. CLOSE THE DOORS TO EVIL Read the rest of this entry »

Laughing With God

What do you mean Laughing With God? I mean we should be laughing at the things the Lord laughs at. We need to line up/agree with Him. Why wouldn’t we? If He thinks it’s a laughable matter, then perhaps He would like us to join in with Him and make it a family affair. We know that He rejoices over us with singing. We know that He protects us, so just what is this we are always hearing about our enemy? Laugh in the face of danger! Laugh at those who think they have the upper hand! Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! LAUGHING WITH GOD… Read the rest of this entry »

Love Or Control

Control comes through many forms, including hurts, pain, wounds, inferiority, superiority, and other filters in our hearts, but never, ever through True Love. If we have to control it, it isn’t really ours and we’ll only end up pushing away that which we try so desperately to grasp or hold on to. Read the rest of this entry »