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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

This Love

This Love! What is this love? How do we find it? When we’re going through things that are tearing our hearts apart, how do we find this love? Broken hearts… Broken relationships… Broken dreams… Hopelessness… I was at that place more times than I want to count and then in 1991 in the depths of despair something changed. I saw something and then what I felt was beyond comprehension. THIS LOVE!
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Captain Jack’s Compass

I like to watch movies, especially those with hidden meanings. Some of them remind me of the old jesters in the king’s courts. The jesters had to be careful how they portrayed things in front of the king so as not to lose their head, and yet portray a truth to the audience and king. The movie, Pirates Of The Caribbean does the same thing. One of the parts I like is the way Captain Jack’s compass works or doesn’t work according to some. CAPTAIN JACK’S COMPASS Read the rest of this entry »

A Moment In Time

Sometimes solitude and quiet are a friend, those moments of pulling away to be refreshed in a world trashed by noise, those times when a whisper can be heard like a roar. Sometimes not to speak a word at all, but just to listen to what heaven might proclaim. Sometimes in these moments, especially in the hours of the night, heaven might not even utter a sound but is overjoyed from the touch. Rest and peace, and refreshment for another day. Those moments when heaven and earth kiss… Sometimes they are available more often than we think. We are not alone in this journey. There are more angels around us than we can imagine… Yes, rest in the journey… Read the rest of this entry »

LIVING ON THE EDGE song by Joseph James

Have you ever walked too close to the edge of a cliff up in the mountains and had fear come all over you? I have and sometimes this life of faith is just like that. The Lord tells us to do something before He lets us in on why and what is going to happen when we do. It reminds me of the Indiana Jones movie where Harrison Ford has to walk out in faith over a canyon and then finds the path under his feet. It was there all along, but it wasn’t apparent until he stepped out. LIVING ON THE EDGE… Read the rest of this entry »


Reality? Whose Reality? What does it have to do with me? Everything! This word really gets my attention and even more so here lately. We hear all kinds of stories on the news everyday and we know that they can’t all be true. I understand that there are those who promote lies to further their own cause, but for the sake of this post I am not including these. REALITY… Read the rest of this entry »


The word peace is a complex word to say the least. One can check out the definition in the Merriam Webster Dictionary for the different meanings of peace. The meaning that I would like to discuss is the one we find in the passage in Luke 4:35, PEACE… Read the rest of this entry »

Not Enough Time

Have you every felt like the whole world is crashing in on you? There isn’t enough time to do everything. Have you made more commitments than can possibly fulfill? Our economy is built upon impulse buying. Advertisers know this and are good at it. Most people, if given the time to make a good decision, wouldn’t buy a lot of the things they do. This also applies to the groups and programs we join. Why do we do it? NOT ENOUGH TIME… Read the rest of this entry »

Holding On To Your Faith – Or Someone Else’s

The way I have written two of my books has been very interesting. I’d like to map it all out and then fill in the gaps with writing, but that’s not the way it happened. For each paragraph I wrote, I would have to wait on what came next. I didn’t know the outcome of the story or even how to get there. Of course, writing a book this way really makes it exciting to me. I get just as excited about what comes next as I know the readers will also. But, what if it doesn’t go anywhere? What if the ending doesn’t make sense? What will others think? HOLDING ON TO YOUR FAITH – OR SOMEONE ELSE’S… Read the rest of this entry »

Armor of God

There is a lot of talk and discussion of putting on the armor of God. I will try to explain this in a more simplistic way. There are a lot of people who say you must put on this armor of God daily, however, scripture does not say this. Once you have it on, don’t take it off. Be clothed in Christ which is the armor of God. Ephesians 6:(10-18) Read the rest of this entry »

Do Not Fear

During the time we are living in, one can think that everything might be lost. If we look at the circumstances around us, we might be tempted to just give up. Don’t! My family and I keep seeing fascinating cloud structures in the sky, like mountains on the horizon and keep hearing this word: Do Not Fear! Read the rest of this entry »

Sorcery & Pharmakeia

We are all familiar with the term pharmaceutical as in drugs, but do we know that it comes from the greek word pharmakeia. What does this word have to do with healing? How does it affect us? What does it have in common with witchcraft, sorcery and medication? Sorcery & Pharmakeia! Read the rest of this entry »

Peace Like A River

In this hectic world, it’s hard to find peace. When I look at most people’s faces, I see a lot of stress. So much to do and not enough time to do it. How does one find peace in our generation? Everywhere we look, there is calamity, noise, and seemingly so many things that need to be done. PEACE LIKE A RIVER! Read the rest of this entry »

I Wish – Art Print

I Wish – Art Print by Joseph James (Hartmann) – Finally, after several years of creating some art prints for some of my poems, we now have them available in 12×18 inch prints. Each print is printed on high quality metallic paper called Ice Gold Metallic with an 80# text weight. It is stunning and brilliant as the light touches the metal flakes and colors and makes them sparkle. This print is titled, “I Wish” and was written as I looked back over my past and then all of the experiences and changes that were necessary to help mold me into the person I am today. I Wish!

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