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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

Creating A Good Future

What a beautiful day for the adventure to begin. What’s in today? What’s around the corner? See beyond the dismal and ordinary to that which Father is wanting us to discover!


Joseph James - Colorado Springs - Garden of the Gods

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Realize Your Dream

What does it take to see our dream fulfilled? How do we know we are going in the right direction? I started off going for it full steam, but now the steam has fizzled. How do we get back up and get energized? A lot of these questions can be answered when we begin to understand the process in the dream being fulfilled. REALIZE YOUR DREAM! Read the rest of this entry »

ImPossible to Possible

I awakened early in the morning two days ago to a revelation from the Lord. It’s not anything earth shattering, but more like a play on words. Today I designed the quote for T-shirts and other products to help us raise funds for our GameChangers Production of FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! We will start touring with the production in June 2016. Tomorrow we will film the first scene for the trailer and are so excited. This is really coming together quickly and the response to it is beyond my expectations. We already have possible bookings for the production in three other states. Read the rest of this entry »

Life In The Fast Lane

The Eagles wrote a song called “Life In The Fast Lane” in the 70’s. I believe the next line went like this. “Slowly makes you lose your mind.” There are a lot of songs out there with the correct observations and they also ask the right questions. It’s what helps us to identify with others and helps us not feel so alone. The only problem with a lot of these songs is that they don’t give us any answers. I remember the songs and I used to like listening to them and also dancing to them. I just got caught up in the emotions around me as did everyone else and just hoped for a better day. This is simply how it is for a lot of people. You do what you can to make it through another day and you hope that the weekend will have some fun and good times to make up for all we put up with during the week. Life In The Fast Lane. Read the rest of this entry »

Courage To Succeed

In each country there are problems. The scenery is different, but people are still people. Each of our problems are unique and strangely similar to others. In desiring to live a good life we all struggle with opposing forces around us. Some live in the midst of war and battle while others live safe and secure. Each have their own problems to face. What will we do? How will we overcome? COURAGE TO SUCCEED… Read the rest of this entry »

Living Your Dream

So when does one begin to live their dream? Does it begin the moment one begins to see it and get the revelation of it, or does it begin when it manifests in the natural? In my opinion, a dream begins at the moment of conception, just like a woman becoming pregnant. At that moment, when the word, revelation, or vision is dropped into our soul, we have the choice to receive it and nurture it to fruition or reject it and abort it. There is an incubation period and depending on what we do during this time, determines if the dream/baby lives or dies. There can be a miscarriage and the whole process can begin again or it can be lost forever, broken dreams. I personally believe we start living our dream the moment it is revealed to us. LIVING YOUR DREAM! Read the rest of this entry »