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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

This Love

This Love! What is this love? How do we find it? When we’re going through things that are tearing our hearts apart, how do we find this love? Broken hearts… Broken relationships… Broken dreams… Hopelessness… I was at that place more times than I want to count and then in 1991 in the depths of despair something changed. I saw something and then what I felt was beyond comprehension. THIS LOVE!
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The Mansion In My Heart

There is a mansion in each of our hearts. What is the state of its being? Is its interior hidden in darkness or is it full of light? Is it furnished with treasures and exquisite furnishings or is it all a mess? Are the rooms accessible or are they locked and barred? What do others see when they look into our mansion? Perhaps there is a high wall around the perimeter that says, “Keep Out! Danger!” THE MANSION IN MY HEART! Read the rest of this entry »

In The Beginning Art Print

In The Beginning – Art Print by Joseph James (Hartmann) – Finally, after several years of creating some art prints for some of my poems, we now have them available in 12×18 inch prints. Each print is printed on high quality metallic paper called Ice Gold Metallic with an 80# text weight. It is stunning and brilliant as the light touches the metal flakes and colors and makes them sparkle. This print is titled, “In The Beginning.” WHAT? What was in the beginning? There are a lot of people with a lot of theories. The big bang! I believe there was a big bang, but not like some teach it. Sooner or later the truth will come out. Science is proving it more and more every day. In The Beginning . . .

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