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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

Close The Doors To Evil

So many people want to ignore the evil all around and think if they just pretend they don’t see it, it will go away. It won’t. It will actually come closer until it destroys them. Evil doesn’t operate by any laws or rules. It is encompassed in chaos, confusion and blind fury. Justice operates within it’s origin, Love. You see, God is Love. God is Just. He will bring peace and justice to this earth. Evil will try to bring death and destruction. CLOSE THE DOORS TO EVIL Read the rest of this entry »

Signs In The Heavens

It’s 3:15 am and I am wide awake. I am remembering the scriptures about watching the signs in the heavens. Jesus was talking about the religious crowd around Him in His generation. He said that they watch the sun and the clouds and know what weather to expect the next day, but they fail to see the signs of their generation. Matthew 16:1-4. We have had some unique/extraordinary tropical weather this year and for anyone following the comments from the meteorologists, there have been more than just one or two anomalies in this one year. Perhaps one of the greatest storms yet, is now on its way to Washington DC and New York City, just one week prior to perhaps one of the most important presidential elections in the history of the USA, Hurricane Sandy. I was asking the Lord yesterday about the name Sandy. What does all of this mean? I believe He told me this morning. SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS! Read the rest of this entry »

A Father’s Love

What is the true love of our Heavenly Father really like? We hear so much about it from others who claim they know, but do they? Have they only read about His love in the scriptures but only read through their own eyes of understanding, hurts and pain? What about the hell, fire and brimstone preachers, do they really know or is their anger stemming from some unsettled fears and judgments in their own hearts? What is Father’s love really like? What is true justice? Do we really know? A Father’s Love!

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Enemy Schemes

Haman was an evil man to be sure, but there are Haman’s in our world too. They are building gallows to bring down the Lord’s people even though some might even think they are helping the Lord. Warning: Don’t walk in and participate in Haman’s camp, it’s end is death. The very schemes they use will be used on them instead. Justice will come swiftly. (Esther 7) – ENEMY SCHEMES! Read the rest of this entry »