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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

Captain Jack’s Compass

I like to watch movies, especially those with hidden meanings. Some of them remind me of the old jesters in the king’s courts. The jesters had to be careful how they portrayed things in front of the king so as not to lose their head, and yet portray a truth to the audience and king. The movie, Pirates Of The Caribbean does the same thing. One of the parts I like is the way Captain Jack’s compass works or doesn’t work according to some. CAPTAIN JACK’S COMPASS Read the rest of this entry »

Follow My Lead

Follow my lead, they say, but where are they going? Who are our heroes and mentors? Are they actors or real people? Do they have a real relationship with the Lord or do they have charisma? Where are they going? FOLLOW MY LEAD… Read the rest of this entry »

From God’s Perspective

Sometimes we can get depressed and even isolated from others depending on where we live. Sometimes the “molehills” seem much bigger than they are. Sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances that overwhelm us and seem like insurmountable mountains. Somewhere in all of the confusion and looming fear, we can lose sight of how the Lord sees things. He encourages us to come up to where He is and see things as He sees them, on Mount Zion. Only when we see Him as He is and get His view of things, do we really get a sense of how much He loves us and the great and wonderful things He has planned for our lives. FROM GOD’S PERSPECTIVE! Read the rest of this entry »

Sorcery & Pharmakeia

We are all familiar with the term pharmaceutical as in drugs, but do we know that it comes from the greek word pharmakeia. What does this word have to do with healing? How does it affect us? What does it have in common with witchcraft, sorcery and medication? Sorcery & Pharmakeia! Read the rest of this entry »