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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

The Tithe – The Law Or Not

I have spent years wanting to know the truth about the tithe, and interestingly enough, depending on which church/fellowship group you meet, they all believe differently. But that’s not good enough for me, because I want to know the truth in my heart so that I can be at peace in it. I am writing this not to dissuade anyone in what they believe, but rather to just point out a few things to help them along their journey. I’ve already made my choice, I am at peace about it and new doors have and are opening before us. The Tithe – The Law Or Not! Read the rest of this entry »

Spirit Of Christmas

Yesterday, I was wanting to write a poem and place it over a photo I had taken in Colorado on our last trip. I wanted this poem to be a Christmas prayer that I could send to each of my family. However, the poem ended different than I wanted, so I decided to share it with you. It is about the Spirit of Christmas and I think the photo really enhances the poem. Spirit Of Christmas. Read the rest of this entry »