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Adventure: 4 Hour Trip Becomes 10.5

ADVENTURE, ADVENTURE, ADVENTURE??? Our trip from San Antonio to Houston, Tx: OK, we fin-aaaaaaaly got to Houston town at 7:35pm… We left San Antonio at 10:10am… 10.5 hours that normally take around 3.5. We had a leak in the heater core while we were staying in SA for about a month and decided to pay the big bucks to get it fixed at a dealer in Boerne before this trip, just felt it was the right thing although I could’ve found a place much cheaper and if I would’ve had the time, I could’ve done it myself. The repair came with a 2 year warranty and the service manager, Mike said to call him if we needed anything on our 1200 mile journey to Daytona Beach. I should have noticed there might just be a bit more to this journey from that simple statement. I did notice it. Just outside of 1604 on I-10 East this morning the temperature gauge pegs to Hot. I pulled over, opened the hood and coolant was everywhere and all over the pavement. One of the heater hoses had come off from the heater core. What were we going to do. We had roadside assistance but Mike said to call him. Read the rest of this entry »

Mental Triggers – If…, Then…

Have you ever done something you don’t want to do, but you feel locked into it anyway? No matter how hard you try to respond differently to a certain thing, you still end up reacting in the same old way. It gets you down, perhaps even to the point where you want to just give up and quit. Then depression comes knocking at your door, that old familiar friend, and just like before, you let him in, well, only for a while, you hope. How can we ever break this cycle? There is a way and it’s not impossible. BREAKING MENTAL TRIGGERS, ONCE AND FOR ALL! Read the rest of this entry »

Cornerstone To Capstone

There is so much division among many Christian churches in the world. This shouldn’t be, as we are all brothers and sisters if we are His. I’ve watched this over the years and the biggest problem that is seen by all is pride and arrogance, but then we also have to factor in fear, because that is the deep root that keeps people apart. This is a very broad subject but I only want to do a brief overview and talk about the journey from the Cornerstone to the Capstone! Read the rest of this entry »

LIVING ON THE EDGE song by Joseph James

Have you ever walked too close to the edge of a cliff up in the mountains and had fear come all over you? I have and sometimes this life of faith is just like that. The Lord tells us to do something before He lets us in on why and what is going to happen when we do. It reminds me of the Indiana Jones movie where Harrison Ford has to walk out in faith over a canyon and then finds the path under his feet. It was there all along, but it wasn’t apparent until he stepped out. LIVING ON THE EDGE… Read the rest of this entry »

Life In The Spirit

Life in the Spirit or life in the flesh, we all have a choice to make everyday. It is similar to the glass half empty or half full illustration I used in a previous post. Life in the Spirit is a great place to walk every day, but how does one get there. Does it happen overnight? How can I attain it? Life in the Spirit! Read the rest of this entry »

Fear Driven Or Love Led

Do we react to most things we see and make choices based on the fear that touches our heart? Like the bombs that went off at the Boston Marathon yesterday, how does it change our life? It is absolutely necessary to look at the situation and try to determine what changes we need to make, if any, but the choice that comes next is of utmost importance as it will either imprison us in a smaller place or set us free to rise above it. FEAR DRIVEN OR LOVE LED… Read the rest of this entry »

The Mansion In My Heart

There is a mansion in each of our hearts. What is the state of its being? Is its interior hidden in darkness or is it full of light? Is it furnished with treasures and exquisite furnishings or is it all a mess? Are the rooms accessible or are they locked and barred? What do others see when they look into our mansion? Perhaps there is a high wall around the perimeter that says, “Keep Out! Danger!” THE MANSION IN MY HEART! Read the rest of this entry »

Do Not Fear

During the time we are living in, one can think that everything might be lost. If we look at the circumstances around us, we might be tempted to just give up. Don’t! My family and I keep seeing fascinating cloud structures in the sky, like mountains on the horizon and keep hearing this word: Do Not Fear! Read the rest of this entry »

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

It’s not so funny how fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Giving into the fear within our own hearts, we speak it out of our mouths and it happens. Then we wonder why. All the enemy did was act upon our faith, faith in fear instead of God’s word to us. Careful what we harbor in our hearts and let out of our mouth’s. When I hear someone speak words of fear, I try to remember to pray for them… Words of encouragement & faith… Blessings… Read the rest of this entry »

Fear Reacts – Love Responds

Many people believe the opposite of Love is Hate. This is not true. The opposite of Love is Fear. Hate is born out of fear which is birthed in the absence of True Love. In fact, evil is born out of fear, in a vacuum or the absence of the presence of the Lord. This is shown by John in the scripture, “Perfect Love casts out all fear!” 1 John 4:18. Be a RESPONDER, not a REACTOR! Fear Reacts – Love Responds! Read the rest of this entry »

Enemy Schemes

Haman was an evil man to be sure, but there are Haman’s in our world too. They are building gallows to bring down the Lord’s people even though some might even think they are helping the Lord. Warning: Don’t walk in and participate in Haman’s camp, it’s end is death. The very schemes they use will be used on them instead. Justice will come swiftly. (Esther 7) – ENEMY SCHEMES! Read the rest of this entry »

My Rose Art Print

My Rose – Art Print by Joseph James (Hartmann) – Finally, after several years of creating some art prints for some of my poems, we now have them available in 12×18 inch prints. Each print is printed on high quality metallic paper called Ice Gold Metallic with an 80# text weight. It is stunning and brilliant as the light touches the metal flakes and colors and makes them sparkle. This print is titled, “My Rose” and was written as the Lord shared with me about my future wife, Janiece. She had been through so many things, but He was restoring her back to life. My Rose

My Rose Art Print by Joseph James (Hartmann)  Read the rest of this entry »