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Voting Jesus For President

I’ve heard many people, “Christians,” claim to want to vote Jesus for President of the USA. This is a noble idea, right? It depends on which Jesus they would be voting for. History reminds us all to vividly of the time He walked the earth, then wept over Jerusalem as His own people rejected Him and eventually crucified Him. Yes! That Jesus! It wasn’t the Romans and the world. It was His own.

Of course, then the argument is, we aren’t like they were, we have the New Testament and we know what He is like. I get that, but then take a look at all of the factions of the so-called “church”/fellowships that are splinters of the original disciples. Again, I ask, “Which Jesus?” Read the rest of this entry »

A Letter To The Church In…

I’ve been meditating on two chapters of scripture for quite some time now. On August 16, 2011, one year ago, the Lord gave me a word to the church in San Antonio, Texas. After I had written everything down, I wondered, now what do I do with it. Of course, the answer was to post it to the blog. I thought, ‘How will all of Your people know?’ Some will find it through web searches and others, I don’t know. I was just obedient. I even wondered if it were just a test for me. This brings me to the question, “If John were alive today and on the Isle of Patmos and if Jesus told him to send a letter to a certain city, who would hear about it and who would read it?” Revelation 2 & 3. Have you ever wondered about this? A LETTER TO THE CHURCH IN… Read the rest of this entry »

To The Church In San Antonio

August 16, 2011 – In and out of my sleep this morning, the Lord wrestled with me about San Antonio, Texas. Scriptures kept coming to my mind and I thought, why are You sharing this all with me. This is the only dream I remembered repeatedly as I awakened time and again after I had gone back to sleep. It reminded me of the Apostle John in Revelation chapters 2 & 3. Here is how it went. Decide for yourself if it was Him, as for me I am still asking and heeding the warning personally. TO THE CHURCH IN SAN ANTONIO! Read the rest of this entry »