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Are We Equipped For The Battle

As Janiece and I were talking this morning over breakfast, I saw a vision of how to relate to others the serious differences in some church circles/fellowships. There are so many factions/divisions in the Body of Christ to say the least, but depending on who you talk to, they insist they are right and others are wrong. Many don’t even talk to one another and if the leaders of these groups get together to pray for one another, it seems to be a miracle but it should be the norm. So, I’ve been trying to find a way to share an illustration that would somehow show the importance of what these differences can do to believers at certain places in their journey as well as the new, born-again believer. ARE WE EQUIPPED FOR THE BATTLE? Read the rest of this entry »

True American Leadership

Over the years of my life, I’ve watched our elected officials journey from a place of servanthood to a place of trying to rule over us. There has been no more a blatant time in our history than that presently of our current government officials. This is unconstitutional and it is against the law in our country and gravely misrepresents who we are as a nation. The one president I remember the most as being a servant for the people was Ronald Reagan. In 1 Timothy 2:1-2, the scriptures tell us to pray for all people, but ALSO for those who are in authority. However, in America, those who are in the ULTIMATE AUTHORITY are not kings, rulers and presidents, but are “We The People”, not our elected officials. We need to understand the CORRECT ORDER set in place by God and by the LAW OF THE LAND if we are to PRAY for and GOVERN our nation effectively. Our elected officials are placed in a position and REQUIRED BY LAW to serve, to represent, (walk side by side with us), “We The People” and to fight for, and give their lives for, if necessary, to uphold the Constitution, not to try to rewrite it or change it to what they think it should be. Look at what our founding fathers did. They not only put their lives on the line on the battlefield, but then some of them HUMBLY SERVED our nation to help it become what it was, a LIGHT for all nations with a MESSAGE of freedom and hope to all. TRUE AMERICAN LEADERSHIP… THE REAL AMERICA! Read the rest of this entry »