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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

Born-Again For Greatness

If we do not believe we are destined for greatness, that our dreams and visions are real and then rise to the challenge to run our race with determination to win, then we are destined to not even begin our race or not finish it in victory. There are many things, forces, and opinions that will try to keep us from succeeding, but what are we going to do? Choices! BORN-AGAIN FOR GREATNESS… Read the rest of this entry »

Winter’s Over

I was awakened around two this morning and immediately I was in the Lord’s presence. A family graced us with the privilege to stay at their cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia for about a week. There has been a lot of peace and quiet all around us since we arrived, but this morning was different. I’ve been in the presence of the Lord many times, but this time was strangely unique. I was in a different place, one that I hadn’t seen before and I was in awe and trembling inside my soul. It’s like I was so aware of the difference between my physical body and my soul. This was really different. The following is what I wrote during the night and then more on what I am seeing. WINTER’S OVER… Read the rest of this entry »

Hotels – Not All Equal

Not all hotels are equal. By this I mean those with the same name brand. We’ve stayed with Choice Hotels, hotels like Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, etc. and depending on the actual owner of the hotel, as they are a franchise, it could be a great experience or not great at all. If you do a lot of traveling, it is a good thing to sign up with more than one brand to get points. These help a great deal as well as… Read the rest of this entry »

Outside The Four Walls

It’s time to bring down the walls that separate us from one another in the Christian community, the Church, the global Church as in the true body of Christ! Many call themselves Christian but will not even communicate or help their fellow brothers and sisters. This should not be. We shouldn’t think of ourselves as higher than someone else, especially if we’ve received a revelation in the Spirit that others haven’t yet. The converse is also true, we shouldn’t alienate ourselves from others who might have a different understanding of the scriptures and seem too far out there. The questions are, “Do we know Him? Do we follow Him?” or are we just following some rules of do’s and don’ts that someone is teaching, a life based on religion instead of relationship? What’s it like OUTSIDE THE FOUR WALLS? Read the rest of this entry »

Mental Triggers – If…, Then…

Have you ever done something you don’t want to do, but you feel locked into it anyway? No matter how hard you try to respond differently to a certain thing, you still end up reacting in the same old way. It gets you down, perhaps even to the point where you want to just give up and quit. Then depression comes knocking at your door, that old familiar friend, and just like before, you let him in, well, only for a while, you hope. How can we ever break this cycle? There is a way and it’s not impossible. BREAKING MENTAL TRIGGERS, ONCE AND FOR ALL! Read the rest of this entry »

Into The Adventure

In the past, Janiece and I have received words from the Lord to travel to certain destinations. Sometimes we have the money to cover the trip and other times we simply have to launch out. Sometimes it was just to meet a few people on the trip, Divine appointments for sure. This latest trip has been totally different. Each one seems to be a bit different and there is always at least one big challenge along the way, especially, when it involves a move and we don’t know where the trip will end. We only had a first destination on this one. We hope you will enjoy these posts as we share our adventures and sometimes the difficulties in this kind of travel here on Destiny Path Of Life. Adventure in His Kingdom! Read the rest of this entry »

The 7000 – The Hidden – His Kingdom

Have we ever felt like we don’t belong, perhaps we feel out of place or feel like we’ve been born in the wrong generation? Do we feel like we can’t fit in anywhere? Do people not understand us? Are we in a constant state of being alone? Perhaps we are one of The 7000, symbolically. Perhaps we are one of the pioneers in our generation. Maybe we have a vision/dream from the Lord that is going to bring about a good change. How and where do we fit? In this series we will touch on these issues. What makes us different and how can we make a difference is key.

Sometimes it can feel like we are the only ones doing the work of the Lord or even just as a small group and can become disillusioned and depressed. Even a larger group over a much larger area can get the same way. This can happen, especially when we don’t understand the vastness of the ways of the Lord and His Kingdom. I am not saying I understand it all, I am however, on a quest to understand His Kingdom. There are many church buildings in almost every town in almost every nation, excluding those where it is banned and then there are those underground and hidden. One of the main problems is we can become so focused on ourselves and our little part, more so, than on His total Kingdom and our function within it. Look at Elijah’s reply to the Lord after he had single-handedly taken down the prophets of Baal all by himself, one of the greatest victories in the Old Testament. THE 7000 – THE HIDDEN – HIS KINGDOM! (Series Part 1) Read the rest of this entry »

Run Your Race

We can compare our lives to those around us, to the great people before us and even in our own time striving to be like them and still just live a mediocre life. If, however, we compare our lives to the lives our Father wants us to live, then we can become greater than we can ever imagine, even if society doesn’t notice us at all. Read the rest of this entry »

Two Souls In Heaven

Last evening I was surfing on the internet some and I received an email from a Senator about the abortion law. I checked it out and thought it was great what they are in the process of doing. A little while later, I started seeing a story form in my mind, so I started typing it out. It was about two souls in heaven waiting to come down to earth and be born. Then I shared it with my facebook friends and this morning I am sharing it with you. Two Souls In Heaven… Read the rest of this entry »

Soften My Heart

Soften my heart, O Lord, make it ever true. This is my cry and this is my song. If you’re like me, sometimes we can get to a place where we turn on the cruise control. Everything seems to be going great and then we catch a glimpse of our heart. A situation arises and we don’t like the way we handled it. It wasn’t a good thing. What happened? It was a hardened heart. How could this be? Easy, it was one of those things from a while back and now it is simply time to deal with it. Soften My Heart! Read the rest of this entry »

A Moment In Time

Sometimes solitude and quiet are a friend, those moments of pulling away to be refreshed in a world trashed by noise, those times when a whisper can be heard like a roar. Sometimes not to speak a word at all, but just to listen to what heaven might proclaim. Sometimes in these moments, especially in the hours of the night, heaven might not even utter a sound but is overjoyed from the touch. Rest and peace, and refreshment for another day. Those moments when heaven and earth kiss… Sometimes they are available more often than we think. We are not alone in this journey. There are more angels around us than we can imagine… Yes, rest in the journey… Read the rest of this entry »

Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets within any organization is a playground for the enemy/devil to use as blackmail to promote his cause. It happens in the natural as well as the spiritual realm. He threatens with exposure if we do certain things like wanting to turn over a new leaf and do the right thing, yet there is a friend who can help. His name is Jesus. All we have to do is come before the courts of heaven, confess our sins before Him, and they are washed away. If God, Himself, doesn’t remember them anymore, then our enemy has no ground to stand on in his accusations against us. There may be certain things we still need to walk through because of the sins we’ve done, but we are free from condemnation and are free to live life to its fullest. Read the rest of this entry »

My Dream

What is my dream? Why do I do the things I do? Why do I even care? Why do I get up in the morning what is this compassion in my heart all about? This is what it is all about. It is a vision from the Lord. It is my dream and it compels me on. Read the rest of this entry »

Love Overcomes The Law

There are some interesting things going on in our country to say the least, but one of the most paramount for Christians is the legal battles by atheists to remove the 10 commandments. My personal belief is that as far as the law is concerned, this is the basis of fairness and justice at the foundational level and should cover all. However, in the life of a Christian, there is a higher standard and a different way of life. It’s a way of life that Jesus shared in two sentences. It’s when Love Overcomes The Law… Read the rest of this entry »

Islands In The Sea: Illegitimate – Writing Begins

I just started writing the third sequel in the “Islands In The Sea” romantic, prophetic novel series. I was thinking that book three, “A City On A Hill” was going to be the last book in the series, but the Lord surprised me when He added this one, “Illegitimate”, instead. This series has been a blast to write so far, because He has given me all of the words from start to finish. I didn’t have to plan out the book, I just had to start typing. It was just like reading a book and watching it unfold, except that I was the one doing the typing. Sometimes the words would come faster than I could type and I am fast at typing. Illegitimate… Read the rest of this entry »

A Miraculous Year

At the beginning of this year, things looked really impossible and then as we stepped out in it, we met obstacle after obstacle. At each point of the journey, the Lord took us back to each altar we had faced in our past, both individually and as a married couple so that we could see how He met us before in these circumstances. Most of the time, it was like facing a sheer cliff with no way to get to the other side except jump. So we did, time after time and now we are here and we still have six weeks to go to finish this year. A Miraculous Year… Read the rest of this entry »

Cornerstone To Capstone

There is so much division among many Christian churches in the world. This shouldn’t be, as we are all brothers and sisters if we are His. I’ve watched this over the years and the biggest problem that is seen by all is pride and arrogance, but then we also have to factor in fear, because that is the deep root that keeps people apart. This is a very broad subject but I only want to do a brief overview and talk about the journey from the Cornerstone to the Capstone! Read the rest of this entry »

THE CLOWN song by Joseph James

I wrote this song as I was dealing with some things in my life. Some of the people around me were not real. They were wearing masks and pretending to be really loving Christians, but they were just going through the motions obeying a bunch of religious rules. By the time I finished writing the song, I realized that the same could be said for me. Clowns are very interesting characters and can teach us a lot. It is when we truly take off our masks that we truly, really begin to live free. I hope you enjoy the song. THE CLOWNRead the rest of this entry »

THERE IS HOPE song by Joseph James

I wrote this song as the theme song for our JOURNEY TO HOPE! Tour. It speaks about the hope that we have and the things the Lord has written on our books in heaven about our purpose and destiny from Psalm 139. We need to find out the good plans He has for us and stop listening to the voice of our enemy. The Lord is for us and He has a wonderful plan and purpose for our lives. THERE IS HOPERead the rest of this entry »

QUESTIONS song by Joseph James

Have you ever asked the Lord a bunch of questions and just didn’t seem to be getting any answers. It seems like we all go through a time or season like this. I had gone through a very traumatic time in my life and I had so many questions with the main one being WHY? One day the Lord answered, but it wasn’t in the way I thought He would. QUESTIONS… Read the rest of this entry »

LIVING ON THE EDGE song by Joseph James

Have you ever walked too close to the edge of a cliff up in the mountains and had fear come all over you? I have and sometimes this life of faith is just like that. The Lord tells us to do something before He lets us in on why and what is going to happen when we do. It reminds me of the Indiana Jones movie where Harrison Ford has to walk out in faith over a canyon and then finds the path under his feet. It was there all along, but it wasn’t apparent until he stepped out. LIVING ON THE EDGE… Read the rest of this entry »

DESTINY song by Joseph James

Do we ever stop and think about where we are going in our life? Where is that place, that goal, that finish line? Is it going to be all that we hope it is, or do we even know for sure? Are we just ambling along in life with no sense of direction? I wrote this song to address some things in my life and to share what I’ve found. DESTINY… Read the rest of this entry »

CROSSROADS song by Joseph James

Every once in a while we come to a crossroads in our lives where choices have to be made. Which choice is the best? Which one do we choose though? Do we go the easy way or do we make the difficult decision? As I was writing this song, the Lord gave me an incredible revelation in the midst of it. We’ve been living that way ever since as it has changed our perception of the storms that come our way. A short mp3 music clip is below the lyrics. Crossroads… Read the rest of this entry »

Life In The Fast Lane

The Eagles wrote a song called “Life In The Fast Lane” in the 70’s. I believe the next line went like this. “Slowly makes you lose your mind.” There are a lot of songs out there with the correct observations and they also ask the right questions. It’s what helps us to identify with others and helps us not feel so alone. The only problem with a lot of these songs is that they don’t give us any answers. I remember the songs and I used to like listening to them and also dancing to them. I just got caught up in the emotions around me as did everyone else and just hoped for a better day. This is simply how it is for a lot of people. You do what you can to make it through another day and you hope that the weekend will have some fun and good times to make up for all we put up with during the week. Life In The Fast Lane. Read the rest of this entry »

Life In The Spirit

Life in the Spirit or life in the flesh, we all have a choice to make everyday. It is similar to the glass half empty or half full illustration I used in a previous post. Life in the Spirit is a great place to walk every day, but how does one get there. Does it happen overnight? How can I attain it? Life in the Spirit! Read the rest of this entry »

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