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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
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Stephen’s Gift To Paul

Sometimes we don’t understand why we go through great suffering at no fault of our own and some even seem to die before their time. I was thinking about Paul and Stephen in the wee hours of the morning as I was in and out of sleep, and just suddenly saw something I had questioned before. Read the rest of this entry »

Love Or Control

Control comes through many forms, including hurts, pain, wounds, inferiority, superiority, and other filters in our hearts, but never, ever through True Love. If we have to control it, it isn’t really ours and we’ll only end up pushing away that which we try so desperately to grasp or hold on to. Read the rest of this entry »

Bible – History Or Life

The Bible is a book of history for some people; to others it is a story book; to still others it is a book of law, tradition and religious duties; and yet to some it is life. How can anyone truly interpret it correctly without communing with the One who wrote it in the first place? The last is the easiest one, all you have to do is ask and He will gladly walk with you and show you things you’ve never seen. 1 John 2:27. What a journey! Always an adventure and full of life! Bible – History Or Life? Read the rest of this entry »

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

It’s not so funny how fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Giving into the fear within our own hearts, we speak it out of our mouths and it happens. Then we wonder why. All the enemy did was act upon our faith, faith in fear instead of God’s word to us. Careful what we harbor in our hearts and let out of our mouth’s. When I hear someone speak words of fear, I try to remember to pray for them… Words of encouragement & faith… Blessings… Read the rest of this entry »

Gentle Loving Arms

Some of us think we need to be so strong that we miss the gentle loving arms of the Lord as He desires to carry us through some situations. Not only do we miss out, but He does too. Imagine a child going through difficult and dangerous situations but won’t let his parent reach out, carry him for a bit, and just hug on him. They both miss out on the love. Some of my fondest memories with the Lord are the times I was my weakest and He carried me. It wasn’t a sign of weakness as much as it was experiencing His awesome compassion, comfort and love. His arms are so powerful, yet so gentle, just want to stay there forever. Some of us need to look up, lift up our arms and ask Him, “Will you carry me for a bit?” You will be amazed… GENTLE LOVING ARMS! Read the rest of this entry »

Shoulder To Cry On

Sometimes people just need a shoulder to cry on or just an ear to hear their heart. Are we available to be that shoulder or ear? Comfort others with the same comfort you have received from Him. I am always amazed at how a simple hug can bring so much healing and restoration… Give a hug, you never run out because they are always free. Shoulder To Cry On! Read the rest of this entry »

Seeing His Grace

When looking at others, if all we see are their faults and weaknesses, we will truly miss the most important thing, His grace working in them. They are not the ones who need to get the glory and be lifted up anyway, it should all go to Him. Without His grace & love everyday, I know where I’d be. Evidently He doesn’t care too much that we look broken and weak to others, because it wouldn’t have been any problem to have created us perfect like the angels. At some point we have to realize that it’s not about perfection, but rather a relationship caught up in His love. It is His love that causes me to want to change anyway. Why would I want to change for someone who I don’t think loves me? If you don’t know His love??? SEEING HIS GRACE! Read the rest of this entry »

Learning To Walk The Lord’s Way

So what would the toddler say to mom and dad if he/she could after falling over and over again while trying to walk? “It sure feels good to have your comfort near and your loving kisses as you reach out to help me back up.” How does it make the parent feel? Absolutely wonderful because they love their little one and see the progress and are there to encourage. So, in light of all of this, how does our Heavenly Father feel when He reaches down to help us back up or carry us for a bit? We have to get this. He’s not upset. It is His pleasure to see us attempt the impossible and to keep on going. It is only the enemy that brings accusations. We have to close our ears to his voice and feel the love of Holy Spirit. He always comes to comfort us… Lift up your heads. We have a Father who cares for us MORE than we can ever imagine or comprehend. Maybe we can all walk together… We will cross the finish line and fulfill our destiny… Yeah! LEARNING TO WALK THE LORD’S WAY! Read the rest of this entry »

Feeling Insignificant, Not

Feeling insignificant? It’s just a feeling generally based on circumstances. Who knows what is written about you in your scroll in heaven? Psalm 139:16 “all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be” Question is, “Do you really want to know or is it easier not knowing rather than being held accountable to do what it takes to cross the finish line of victory for your life?” In the Lord’s Kingdom, no one is insignificant. Don’t you know that the one door in front of you might open to let hundreds of souls into a glorious place in the Lord they would not otherwise have seen? Push a little harder! Press in a bit more! You are not alone. Self-pity would have you believe otherwise. Who you gonna listen to? Be encouraged my friends… Take my hand and let’s go together…

Joseph James

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