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The 7000 – The Hidden – His Kingdom

Have we ever felt like we don’t belong, perhaps we feel out of place or feel like we’ve been born in the wrong generation? Do we feel like we can’t fit in anywhere? Do people not understand us? Are we in a constant state of being alone? Perhaps we are one of The 7000, symbolically. Perhaps we are one of the pioneers in our generation. Maybe we have a vision/dream from the Lord that is going to bring about a good change. How and where do we fit? In this series we will touch on these issues. What makes us different and how can we make a difference is key.

Sometimes it can feel like we are the only ones doing the work of the Lord or even just as a small group and can become disillusioned and depressed. Even a larger group over a much larger area can get the same way. This can happen, especially when we don’t understand the vastness of the ways of the Lord and His Kingdom. I am not saying I understand it all, I am however, on a quest to understand His Kingdom. There are many church buildings in almost every town in almost every nation, excluding those where it is banned and then there are those underground and hidden. One of the main problems is we can become so focused on ourselves and our little part, more so, than on His total Kingdom and our function within it. Look at Elijah’s reply to the Lord after he had single-handedly taken down the prophets of Baal all by himself, one of the greatest victories in the Old Testament. THE 7000 – THE HIDDEN – HIS KINGDOM! (Series Part 1) Read the rest of this entry »