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Adventure: 4 Hour Trip Becomes 10.5

ADVENTURE, ADVENTURE, ADVENTURE??? Our trip from San Antonio to Houston, Tx: OK, we fin-aaaaaaaly got to Houston town at 7:35pm… We left San Antonio at 10:10am… 10.5 hours that normally take around 3.5. We had a leak in the heater core while we were staying in SA for about a month and decided to pay the big bucks to get it fixed at a dealer in Boerne before this trip, just felt it was the right thing although I could’ve found a place much cheaper and if I would’ve had the time, I could’ve done it myself. The repair came with a 2 year warranty and the service manager, Mike said to call him if we needed anything on our 1200 mile journey to Daytona Beach. I should have noticed there might just be a bit more to this journey from that simple statement. I did notice it. Just outside of 1604 on I-10 East this morning the temperature gauge pegs to Hot. I pulled over, opened the hood and coolant was everywhere and all over the pavement. One of the heater hoses had come off from the heater core. What were we going to do. We had roadside assistance but Mike said to call him. Read the rest of this entry »

Into The Adventure

In the past, Janiece and I have received words from the Lord to travel to certain destinations. Sometimes we have the money to cover the trip and other times we simply have to launch out. Sometimes it was just to meet a few people on the trip, Divine appointments for sure. This latest trip has been totally different. Each one seems to be a bit different and there is always at least one big challenge along the way, especially, when it involves a move and we don’t know where the trip will end. We only had a first destination on this one. We hope you will enjoy these posts as we share our adventures and sometimes the difficulties in this kind of travel here on Destiny Path Of Life. Adventure in His Kingdom! Read the rest of this entry »