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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

On The Other Side Of The Cross – Music Lyric Video – Joseph James

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I was hoping I’d finish this lyric video in time to encourage all who are going through some tough times and perhaps facing family and friends who might not understand what is going on in your life. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CROSS, I wrote in 1993 when I was going through some very difficult circumstances and no one around me seemed to understand or get me. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CROSS!

For the joy set before Him, Jesus endured the cross. It is my prayer that you find the joy in the vision/dream you have so that you can make it through whatever stands in your way to discourage and/or sidetrack you. Abundant blessings… Fly higher…

Joseph James

At A Table For Two

The opportunity arrives and we rush to seize the moment, a romantic date with a special person. The time to meet finally greets us on the clock so rush out the door to meet, our heart pounding with excitement. It is a special dinner at a fancy restaurant with a view of the ocean. We sit down and wait for that special someone to arrive, but the time ticks slowly by… Are they coming? The anticipation grows with each passing moment. Perhaps they have a special reason. AT A TABLE FOR TWO!

I wrote AT A TABLE FOR TWO in 1993 and now was the time to release it. What happens when delay sets into our dreams? Do we give up? Do we still believe? Do we walk away? Or do we wait until we know the truth? I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be performing it live next summer in Orlando at the AMTC SHINE event.


Joseph James