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Sentenced To Death,
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The King & His Generals

In a war, there is one King over His military. His military may consist of many divisions according to their particular expertise. Possibly an army, marines, air force, navy, etc. It is not one general’s right to disagree with and to hinder another general’s orders even if he doesn’t think it’s right. It is his right to discuss the situation with the King. He may not be privy to all that general knows and has seen, nor understand the total scope of the King’s orders. There may not be enough time to bring him up to speed either. Each general is responsible to carry out their orders as best as they interpret them. If the navy is fighting from a ship near the coast, they may not have the same vantage point as the air force in a plane high up above. If each general does not carry out his particular orders or starts shooting at one another, the whole battle may be lost with huge casualties. THE KING & HIS GENERALS! Read the rest of this entry »

Living Your Dream

So when does one begin to live their dream? Does it begin the moment one begins to see it and get the revelation of it, or does it begin when it manifests in the natural? In my opinion, a dream begins at the moment of conception, just like a woman becoming pregnant. At that moment, when the word, revelation, or vision is dropped into our soul, we have the choice to receive it and nurture it to fruition or reject it and abort it. There is an incubation period and depending on what we do during this time, determines if the dream/baby lives or dies. There can be a miscarriage and the whole process can begin again or it can be lost forever, broken dreams. I personally believe we start living our dream the moment it is revealed to us. LIVING YOUR DREAM! Read the rest of this entry »

Walking The Middle Road

There are many extremes in our generation today. Look at some of the reality shows and one can see this really quick. There are also extremes in Christianity. I have watched over the years as leaders received new revelations from the Lord and quickly went to the extreme with them. It became the “in thing” and if you weren’t in on it, then you were shunned or looked down upon. This is happening even more now, but it shouldn’t be. I’ve looked back over my own life and have seen times where I did this too. I remember a time when everything was either black or white. It was either a truth or a lie, but where was grace, mercy and love? WALKING THE MIDDLE ROAD Read the rest of this entry »

Oh, Lord, How Majestic

Oh Lord, how majestic are your ways… We recently journeyed to one of our favorite places, Colorado. I love the mountains because they represent to me, His Majesty. They are bigger than any problems I have. There is a beauty that is just incredible. All of man’s accomplishments seem really small compared to seeing one single mountain. Following is a recent experience I had. OH, LORD, HOW MAJESTIC… Read the rest of this entry »