Joseph James
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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

His Building, His Kingdom, Our Generation

Lines are being drawn in the sand… Many choices are being made… Some are following a crowd, some their own emotions, hurts and fears… Who will step out from the shadows and walk side by side with each other on not only a local level but globally, holding on loosely if necessary, until that which is still somewhat cloudy can be made clear? Can’t go forward looking in the rear view mirror! Break it if we must! The past is gone! Today is a new day! 40 years in the desert had it’s purpose, death and one generation wasted away. Will we honor the King in our generation? Will we simply obey? No excuses… HIS BUILDING, HIS KINGDOM, OUR GENERATION! Read the rest of this entry »

From God’s Perspective

Sometimes we can get depressed and even isolated from others depending on where we live. Sometimes the “molehills” seem much bigger than they are. Sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances that overwhelm us and seem like insurmountable mountains. Somewhere in all of the confusion and looming fear, we can lose sight of how the Lord sees things. He encourages us to come up to where He is and see things as He sees them, on Mount Zion. Only when we see Him as He is and get His view of things, do we really get a sense of how much He loves us and the great and wonderful things He has planned for our lives. FROM GOD’S PERSPECTIVE! Read the rest of this entry »