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Shaft Of Light
Sentenced To Death,
Destined For Life

Times Of Transition

What do we do during times of transition? You know, those times of uncertainty. We know we have finished a segment or season in our life, but we don’t quite know what’s coming next. It’s a time of transition and the choices we make in the midst of it will determine our next destination, whether it is a place of blessing or something other. Some transitions are longer than others. Some are more treacherous. Sometimes we even feel like giving up. What will we do? TIMES OF TRANSITION! Read the rest of this entry »

Open Doors

What are open doors? Of course, you need an open door to get a lot of things accomplished in your life. If we are going to do any shopping, we need the doors of the store to be open so that we can go in and purchase what we need or want. We also need to have open doors in areas of business and employment. But did you know that each one of us are a door? Did you know that there are also doors in heaven? There are many kinds of doors, some are closed and some are open. How do they affect our lives? OPEN DOORS! Read the rest of this entry »