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My Child Art Print

My Child – Art Print by Joseph James (Hartmann) – After several years of creating some art prints for some of my poems, we now have them available in 12×18 inch prints. Each print is printed on high quality metallic paper called Ice Gold Metallic with an 80# text weight. It is stunning and brilliant as the light touches the metal flakes and colors and makes them sparkle. This print is titled, “My Child” and was written as the Lord told me how He sees each of us. It uses His creation to speak to us through His animals, the sky, the weather, etc. My Child

My Child Art Print by Joseph James (Hartmann)

My Child – Text

  • My child, did you see my painting in the morning sky?
  • It was just for you and I added a special touch.
  • Did you listen to my birds as they sang their songs of love?
  • Just wanted you to know, with joy, I’m singing over you.
  • Did you notice how My breath gently moved the leaves?
  • I wanted to touch your hair with the gentleness of My hands.
  • I know that you are busy and have so many things to do,
  • Yet, I know you’re lonely and I would like to comfort you.
  • Will you give me a moment or two, just here and there?
  • I’ll refresh your spirit and share some thoughts with you.
  • I watch you every day as I journey by your side.
  • Just wanting you to know you can always count on Me.
  • So, if you think about it, and could really use a friend,
  • Just take a moment and I will gladly listen in.
  • I want to hear your heart and I want to share My love.
  • ‘Cause really, You are the reason I am here.
  • I’ll paint you another sunset as your day comes to a close,
  • To extend My peace and love, and refresh your weary soul.
  • If you’re out in the dark at night, just look up at My stars,
  • And know I’m always watching, and want what’s best for you.
  • As you look upon creation, and see the wonders in the sky,
  • Know it’s My heart I’m sharing, in hopes that you reply.
  • My child, sometimes I’m lonely too and sure could use a friend.
  • Do you think we could meet real soon, and share this life of ours?

My child, I love you!


Do you know how much He really loves you? Can you feel how desperately He wants to be with you? Will you take some time to find out Who He is? Will you be His friend?

Joseph James

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Since 2008, Joseph’s four wallpapers have been downloaded over the internet as a desktop wallpaper. Now they are available in print in addition to five more of his art prints which portray his poems. People have asked him for prints now for several years and the time has finally arrived. Get yours today! Order here!

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Janiece and I travel and minister to individuals and groups as doors open for us to go. We are starting a new thing this year. We will be going to communities, as the Lord leads, and booking hotel meeting rooms to do concerts. We will invite those from the hotel as well as the community. We will connect to other churches and organizations in those communities to help those who desperately need help, and who, perhaps won't come into a church building. We share His love to those who haven’t heard of their Father’s love for them and also minister in song. We’ve both been through a lot and have been healed and restored and that we have to pass on to others. We can speak through truth and experience because we’ve been there. If you would like to book us for a concert, event, speaking and/or ministry meeting, please use our CONTACT page. We hope we have helped to encourage you to go on and find the wonderful destiny God has planned for you. Psalm 139. Fly higher…

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I am presently converting “Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life” into a movie and have just finished publishing the 3rd book in the sequel to “Islands In The Sea”, titled “Illegitimate?” It is now available in the trilogy on this site through Amazon. We finished filming and producing the JOURNEY TO HOPE! 7 DVD Series with Janiece Turner-Hartmann and they are on YouTube for those who need help and encouragement. We are planning to take some time out to record some more music and then start touring early this year, 2017. Hope to see you on the road.

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